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Moving Sale! Take EVERYTHING!

I’m moving and my fiancé and I are downsizing our stuff so that everything will be easier to move and store. One of the biggest tasks yet has been my craft closet, so I’m getting rid of A TON of my beads. Please see if you’re interested; I’d like to get rid of these as fast as possible!

Unfortunately, my digital camera was knocked into the pool this past weekend, so I don't have pictures, but if you're unsure as to what some of these are, I will do my best to get some for you.

Approx. 300 large clear plastic alphabet beads $6.00

Approx. 300 large glow-in-the-dark alphabet beads $6.00

Approx. 100 small transparent, colored alphabet beads $2.50

Approx. 200 assorted faceted beads in various fluorescent, transparent & pearlized colors $3.50 Not these colors, but same size and shape.

Transparent pony grooved “flower” beads: If you hold them sideways and look through the hole, it looks like a flower. I can’t seem to find them online, but that’s what the package said when I bought them. Sorry!

Small Pony Beads (approx. 6mm) in assorted colors: green, light pink, dark & light blue, white, cream, light purple, orange, red, black and yellow.
Price depends on quantity requested.

Medium Pony Beads (approx. 7mm) in assorted colors: light pink, pink, dark & light purple, dark & light blue, green, orange, white, cream, red, black and yellow.
Price depends on quantity requested.

Large Pony Beads (approx. 9mm) in assorted colors and types: Like these...
• Fluorescent: dark & light blue, orange, yellow, pink, red, brown, dark & light purple, and light & dark green.
• Pearlized: green, orange, blue yellow, dark & light pink, dark & light purple and blue.
• Transparent: yellow, pink, blue, green, red, turquoise and light blue See here.
• Glitter: green, blue, gold, clear, pink, and red
Price depends on quantity requested.

O (or “disc) beads: $3.00
• Pearlized, opaque, and transparent in assorted colors: purple, orange, blue, pink, yellow and green.

33 large yellow “smiley” beads $1.00

Small assortment of “cartwheel” beads. $2.00 "Cartwheel" or "5-points."

Large assortment of small tri-point plastic beads in various colors: pink, red, orange, yellow, light & dark green, light & dark blue, purple and clear. $3.00

If you're interested in more than one set, I will combine shipping on multiple orders. Thanks! You can also e-mail me at
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