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We're selling the very last of these pink jelly breast cancer awareness bracelets that we have!!

(& yes, we are contributing to breast cancer organisations!)</big>

These are like the Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelets!

[they are ALL on eBay, so no, you cannot buy one from us unless you do so on eBay!]

As I've said, these are very hard to get. I had to wait a month to get mine! Because of the high demand, it's impossible to get them within a reasonable amount of time! However, you can win one of our bracelet auctions [or more!] and we will ship the bracelet immediately upon payment!! Shipping is very cheap worldwide for these bracelets, so do have a look!

Don't be put off by the listings being in different currencies. ALL our items are available worldwide and PayPal converts the expenses into your currency so you know what to pay! They were listed in different currencies for wider visibility. If you can't figure out how much the bracelet would be in your specific currency, it's very simple to find out on The World Currency Converter!

The bracelets and the rest of our great items can be seen when you click the banner below!

Thanks for having a look!!
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